Dressing your Maitreya mesh body


alaskametro<3 skins are now sold as separated head appliers + body appliers, allowing you to mix and match (and allowing me to create more modular stuff and more easily update items!)

For Maitreya, you need the alaskametro<3 skin body appliers in your preferred tone(s). They will include body appliers for Maitreya and also Omega, Slink, and Belleza. You may choose wear the Omega skin applier if you own the Omega Relay for Maitreya. The Maitreya version has more detail on the feet and includes a specular map to add a light sheen.

Wear your Maitreya skin applier and touch the button for the skin you’d like to apply. There are variations for freckles, cleavage, and PG (i.e. no nipples.)

To remove an applier skin on Maitreya, replace it with another applier or a default swatch from the Maitreya HUD.

To save your skin in the Maitreya HUD, click the Skins and Options tab and press one of the empty Save Slots buttons. It will fill up an indicator with the skin colour.


Nail Polish

Do not use the Omega version of nail polish on your Maitreya mesh hands/feet. It will function if you are wearing the relay, but the texture will not line up at all. All alaskametro<3 nail polish sets – except older Slink-only sets – include manicure and pedicure HUDs for Maitreya.

Wear mani for hands, pedi for feet, and click to apply the desired nail polish finish.

Most HUDs contain a “mix” button to apply a variation on each nail.

The Maitreya mesh body hands/feet do not allow you to set nail polish separately by fingernail or toenail.


Applier clothing – using a Maitreya applier

Wear your Maitreya clothing applier and click the button. A blue popup will ask you which layer to use. Your clothes are now worn.

To remove applier clothing: Open the Layers tab of your Maitreya HUD and click the white icons for top and bottom to hide the layer.

To save applier clothing: In the Layers tab, press one of the bottom numbered button to save your current applier layer setup. This is useful to give yourself a default underwear set, for example.


Applier clothing – using an Omega applier

The Maitreya mesh body is able to take Omega appliers using the Omega Applier Relay for Maitreya.

Official instructions from Omega – click here

Ensure you are wearing your relay HUD. Wear your Maitreya mesh body and the Omega applier you’d like to use – skin, tattoo, clothing, etc. Press the button on your Omega applier. If wearing a skin, it will automatically apply to your body. If wearing clothing, the blue popup will ask you to select a layer.

Omega appliers can theoretically be saved in the Maitreya HUD, but I had mixed results.


Troubleshooting appliers

My Omega applier does nothing!
Are you wearing your relay? If you are and it’s still not responding, click the gears and pick Debug from the menu.

The skin applier leaves a solid band on my neck.
Grab the latest version of the Omega relay and try again, or apply the skin using the Maitreya applier.

The applier clothing looks all blocky!
Disable the layer’s mask mode by pressing the Mask Mode button in the Layers tab of your Maitreya HUD.

I am wearing more than one layer and one of them disappeared!
You’re experiencing the alpha layer glitch, and it’s not the applier or your body but a limitation of video cards. Setting one layer to Mask mode can fix this.


Fitmesh clothing

There is a Maitreya version in all alaskametro<3 fitmesh clothing. (For standard size, I find size M the closest fit for my particular shape.) Please try the demo and use the auto-hider, if included, for the best fit.

The Maitreya auto-hider: This is a small unobtrusive HUD that will automatically apply the alpha cuts needed to optimally wear the item. As long as you wear the HUD, they’ll be hidden. Once removed, they’ll go back the way they were. I create the auto-hider separate to give you more control over exactly what’s being shown or hidden with your mesh body. Not all items have an auto-hider HUD included.

Saving alpha cuts: to save an alpha cut configuration, click the Alpha tab of your Maitreya body and press a numbered bottom button.



If the shoes have an included system shoe base, wear it. The shoe will fit perfectly as long as the shoe base is worn, without another system shoe base conflicting. Some shoes are unrigged and will not fit correctly without the shoe base. There are plans to update these shoes to be fully rigged/fitted, but no ETA.

Demos include only the left foot.