Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need help with?



Q: Where can I buy alaskametro<3 products?

Q: I’m looking for something you used to sell that’s not on the Marketplace or at the store.

Q: Are you interested in joining my mall as a tenant?

Q: Why did I receive a refund when making a purchase in-world?




Q: I’m organizing a hunt/fair/shopping event/festival. Are you interested in joining?

Q: I have a Second Life fashion-related blog or magazine. Are you interested in advertising?

Q: I am a blogger. What is your review copy policy?



Q: I used the Slink Avatar Enhancement nail polish applier, but nothing happened!

Q: What about other mesh hands & feet?

Q: Why doesn’t my Omega applier nail polish look right on Maitreya Lara?

Q: Where are the nail polish appliers for #themeshproject?



Q: Which appliers do you offer? Which bodies are they compatible with?

Q: Which alaskametro<3 items are compatible with mesh bodies/offer appliers?

Q: How do I install Omega on my mesh body parts?

Q: What about Lolas/mesh breasts?

Q: The Omega HUD isn’t working on my Lola’s Tango/Deliq breasts.

Q: What is the Omega Advanced Materials applier and how do I use it?

Q: I own a mesh body part that isn’t Maitreya, Slink, or on the Omega-compatibility list.

Q: I used the clothing applier but nothing happened, I’m still naked!

Q: How can I remove applier clothing??

Q: I wear a #themeshproject body but this item didn’t come with an installer?



Q: Do your makeup layers work with other skins besides the alaskametro<3 brand?

Q: I used the Omega skin applier while wearing my Maitreya Lara body and now there’s a weird strip around the neck.

Q: Any plans to make Genesis Lab, Fiore or EVE’olution makeup?

Q: How come the Omega makeup isn’t applying to the Catwa mesh head?

Q: How do I remove applier makeup/skins??



Q: Do you do custom work?

Q: I like this item, but wish it came in another colour.

Q: What are your products’ permissions?

Q: How can I give your product as a gift?

Q: Do any of your products use mesh?

Q. Why don’t these shoes fit properly??

Q: What is your refund/return policy?

Q: I purchased an item on the Marketplace and never received it.

Q: I accidentally purchased two copies of something on the Marketplace.

Q: I bought this full perm thing of yours on the Marketplace but it doesn’t include textures or PSDs or anything.

Q: Hello?