Using Omega appliers on Second Life mesh heads

If your mesh head is on the Omega supported meshes list, you will be able to use Omega skin and makeup appliers after purchasing an Omega kit for your mesh. Always try a skin demo or free makeup tester before purchasing, as all mesh heads are different!



LAQ mesh heads have Omega built in, so no additional kit purchase is necessary.

To remove makeup: open the LAQ HUD and turn off the layer(s) as needed.

Eyebrows sit on top of the eyeshadow layer, so I recommend turning the layer off after applying eyeshadow to prevent it from stacking.



Akeruka uses an Omega installer HUD. Click here for official instructions.

To remove makeup: Hide layers from the AK HUD.

Tip: I use the Router HUD from Omega with my AK head for the best control over my makeup, as the layers on this head stack a little differently from most.



EVE’olution uses an Omega installer HUD. Click here for official instructions.

As of writing, the latest EVE’olution Bento beta head has issues with Omega makeup appliers. Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon!


The Omega Router HUD (highly recommended)

Makeup Router instructions – click here

Use this FREE HUD to control where your Omega makeup will apply. It will help you with Omega makeup without labelled buttons or heads that might apply your makeup to multiple stacking layers.


Other heads I don’t own but have seen, from photos, that my items will work with: GA/EG, Altamura, Lightstar

Often requested but not compatible/unsupported by Omega at this time: Fiore (aside from hairbase layer, it is not Omega), Genesis Lab, #themeshproject