Using appliers on Vista Animations Bento mesh hands

Always try the demo for skin appliers.


Using Omega appliers on Vista Bento hands

Official instructions from Omega – click here

Vista uses an activator. Purchase, unbox, and wear the Omega System Installer – Vista at the same time as your Vista hands. Touch the installer HUD. It will thank you in local chat. Your Bento hands will now respond to Omega appliers. You will no longer need the installer HUD, but if you do find the hands stop responding in future, you can try the installer again.



This tattoo/glove doesn’t seem to be working.
Use the Vista utility HUD that comes with the hands to turn the layer on, and then try again.

The nail polish isn’t applying to the nails I’ve selected in the Vista HUD.
At the time of writing, Omega nail appliers aren’t controlled by the Vista HUD. All nails will be applied.