Using appliers on your Lolas/Tango mesh breasts

Omega appliers use the same channels as Lolas and no kit is required. Omega appliers will automatically work on mesh breasts that use these channels.



alaskametro<3 skins are now sold as separated head appliers + body appliers, allowing you to mix and match (and allowing me to create more modular stuff and more easily update items!)

For mesh breasts, you need the alaskametro<3 skin body appliers in your preferred tone(s). Wear the applier HUD, then press the button for the skin version you’d like to wear. For best results, use the version without nipples.

There is also a nipple applier fitted to Lolas included on the skin HUD.


Applier clothing – using an Omega applier

You can wear alaskametro<3 Omega clothing appliers on mesh breasts. Wear the applier, and press the button for either underwear or clothing layers. You should see the applier appear. To hide a layer, click the mesh breasts to bring up the dialog.

Omega Evolved/Materials: Please get in touch if you have having issues with a materials applier while wearing mesh breasts.