Using appliers on your LOGO mesh head

Always try the free tester first for makeup, or the demo for skin appliers.

Tip: All appliers labelled “LOGO” are actually Omega (they don’t have their own developer kit.)


Using Omega appliers on LOGO mesh heads

After unboxing your LOGO head, there will be two versions: the usual LOGO set, and an Omega version. LOGO heads are able to take Omega appliers after a separate activation kit is purchased and used on the Omega version.

Official instructions from Omega – click here

Wear all the mesh body parts for your Omega version LOGO head, and attach the Omega System Installer – LOGO from the Omega store. Click the installer. It will thank you in local chat for all mesh parts. Your LOGO head will now respond to Omega appliers. You will no longer need the installer HUD once everything is enabled, but if you do find something stops responding in future, you can try the installer again.

You can now use any Omega face skin on your LOGO mesh head, and any Omega makeup applier. For makeup, touch the top 1/3 button, usually labelled for the default zone (e.g. EYES ZONE for eyeshadow). If you are using the Router HUD (highly recommended) to fine tune your makeup appliers, click the middle part of the button for HUD CONTROL.

Omega Evolved: Omega Evolved makeup appliers do not have a three zone button layout. Click once to apply using the default zone, and twice to activate a popup for fine tuning your cosmetic placement.

To remove makeup, click the Clear All Makeup button in the LOGO HUD. You can’t remove a skin, but you can replace it with another skin applier.



The Omega applier doesn’t seem to be working on my LOGO head!
Things to try:
1. Make sure no HUDs, even transparent ones, are overlapping your applier. You can temporary show transparent textures by going to Advanced > Highlighting and Visibility > Highlight Transparent. (Don’t see the Advanced menu? Press Ctrl+Alt+D to show it). The LOGO HUD has a large transparent prim that blocks other HUDs – even when minimized.
2. Are you suffering from lag? Try again in a couple of seconds.
3. Are you on land that has scripts disabled? If so, your HUDs will not work.
4. Use the installer HUD from Omega again, in case a script became corrupted or non-responsive.
5. There are two heads included with LOGO. Make sure you’re wearing the Omega version.

The Omega makeup applier applies to my whole head!
Use the top 1/3 of the button, labelled for the target zone.

The Omega makeup looks cut off or like part of it’s missing!
This can happen with Omega appliers. We creators make our best guess at what zones to use for the applier, but it’s not always perfect. You can use the Router HUD checkboxes to manually set the zones and use the applier again by pressing the HUD CONTROL (middle) section of the button. More info on the Router HUD – click here. It’s highly recommended and FREE!

The eyeshadow looks weird when I blink!
Did you activate Omega on all the mesh parts that come with the Omega LOGO head? There are lots of parts to the LOGO head that are separate attachments, and all of them will need to be activated in order to respond to Omega appliers.