Using appliers on your Catwa mesh head

Always try the free tester first for makeup, or the demo for skin appliers.


Using Catwa appliers

alaskametro<3 makeup is sold as separate sets for each supported system. One set includes Catwa-optimized appliers. You do not need to use your Omega relay for appliers labelled for Catwa.

Wear your Catwa applier and touch the button for the makeup.

Skins are now available separately for Catwa as well. They are optimized for Catwa’s unique UV map and will fit better than the Omega versions. Wear the Catwa skin applier and touch the button for your skin.

Tip: All Catwa appliers, even older ones, still work on the new Bento heads. The new Bento heads feature additional layers to help you stack items (e.g. eyebrows over eyeshadow.)


Using Omega appliers on Catwa

All Catwa mesh heads, including the new Bento heads, are able to take Omega appliers using a relay.

Official instructions from Omega – click here

Ensure you are wearing your Omega System Relay HUD for Catwa. Also wear your Catwa head (obviously) and the applier you’d like to use. Touch the top 1/3 button, usually labelled for the default zone (e.g. EYES ZONE for eyeshadow). If you are using the Catwa relay’s checkboxes to fine tune your makeup appliers, click the middle part of the button for HUD CONTROL.

Omega Evolved/Materials: As of this time, Omega materials appliers will not send materials data to Catwa heads. For best results, use the non-materials Omega applier. Omega Evolved makeup appliers do not have a three zone button layout. Click once to apply using the default zone, and twice to activate a popup for fine tuning your cosmetic placement.



The Omega makeup doesn’t line up or look good on my Catwa head
Unfortunately the Catwa head uses a slightly different UV map. If possible, get the Catwa applier version instead for a better fit. Most makeup has a separate Catwa-optimized version. (Also, always try the free tester before buying!)

The Omega Catwa relay doesn’t seem to be working – nothing happens when I use an Omega applier
Things to try:
1. Click the little gears icon on your Omega Catwa relay and pick Debug. Some users have to do this more often than others.
2. Make sure no HUDs, even transparent ones, are overlapping your applier. You can temporary show transparent textures by going to Advanced > Highlighting and Visibility > Highlight Transparent. (Don’t see the Advanced menu? Press Ctrl+Alt+D to show it)
3. Are you suffering from lag? Try again in a couple of seconds.
4. Are you on land that has scripts disabled? If so, your HUDs will not work.

The makeup is solid black!!
You’ve tinted it. Open the HUD that comes with your Catwa head, and use the tinting area to set your makeups back to white. Some heads came with the eyeshadow tinted black by default.

The makeup looks like part of it is missing – the texture cuts off
This can happen with Omega appliers. We creators make our best guess at what zones to use for the applier, but it’s not always perfect. You can use the relay’s checkboxes to manually set the zones and use the applier again by pressing the HUD CONTROL (middle) section of the button.