“Serenity” skin with Omega appliers at Free Dove

“Serenity” is a free skin from alaskametro<3 offered at Free Dove to help newer players try out the Omega Applier System. The skin also includes layers for a classic avatar.

Serenity is a free product. This documentation is provided to help you use this skin. I am unable to support the Serenity skin with your mesh body and recommend you join the Omega Applier Systems – Support group in-world to help you if you’re having trouble with appliers. Serenity is not for resale and redistribution is prohibited.


Classic Avatars

Skin: If you’re using a Classic avatar (i.e. the default Second Life avatar, no mesh body or head), just double click your new skin to wear it.

Makeup: You can right click and choose “Add” to stack the makeup layers and wear more than one at a time.

Shape: You can double click the included shape to wear it. It will change your overall avatar. You can use this shape as a starting point and modify it by right clicking it in your inventory and selecting Edit.

Taking it off: If you want to change out of the skin or shape, you must wear a replacement. It is helpful to keep your inventory organized so you can find your preferred skins, shapes, and other parts of your look. You can double click a worn makeup tattoo layer remove it.

The Worn tab in your inventory can help you find things you’re currently wearing.


Mesh Avatars

If you’re wearing a mesh body or head, it might be able to use the included Omega applier. Omega is a universal applier system – once activated or enabled on your body part, any applier labelled “Omega” will work. Many mesh bodies and heads have a separate kit or relay to turn on Omega capability. It is usually a separate purchase from your mesh head or body.

Is your mesh body or head on this list? If so, click the name of the product on that list to find the specific instructions for your body part.

Omega kits tend to be one of three styles:

  1. a relay HUD you wear at the same time as using an applier (e.g. Catwa, Maitreya)
  2. an activator HUD that you wear once, click to install, and never worry about again (e.g. Slink, Belleza)
  3. a drop in script that you will need to use the Build/Edit tools to set up (e.g. Loudmouth).

There are also some bodies and heads that come with Omega already installed for you.

Once you are set up to use Omega on your mesh body or head, you can now use the included applier HUD for Serenity. Double click it in inventory to load as a HUD (i.e. a floating utility on your screen). Click the top SKIN button to apply the skin. For most mesh heads, click the first button (LIPS ZONE or EYES ZONE) for your mesh head’s makeup.

If you’re having issues getting your makeup to display, you can try the free makeup routing HUD from Omega. This tool helps you select which area of your mesh head will receive the makeup.

Once your skin and/or makeup is applied, you can detach the Serenity Omega HUD.

How to remove: You can’t remove a skin from your mesh body or head, but you can replace it with another. Most have a few skintones built into their utility HUD. To remove cosmetics, use the utility HUD that comes with your mesh head. There will be a button to clear the layer or hide it.

Even with a universal system like Omega, not every skin looks great on every mesh head! Sometimes the lip shape or eye shape can be stretched out. When purchasing an applier skin for your mesh head, make sure you thoroughly try the demo. Many cosmetics creators, including alaskametro<3, also offer a free tester to try makeup before buying.