Dressing your Slink mesh body, feet, and hands

Slink hands are now updated for Bento and labelled as “Dynamic”. All Slink appliers will still work on the new, Bento-ready hands.



alaskametro<3 skins are now sold as separated head appliers + body appliers, allowing you to mix and match (and allowing me to create more modular stuff and more easily update items!)

For Slink, you need the alaskametro<3 skin body appliers in your preferred tone(s). You will also need the Omega kit for SlinkMake sure Omega is enabled on your body. Wear the applier HUD, then press the button for the skin version you’d like to wear. Most skins come with a version optimized for Slink mesh bodies – though the button may say it’s fitted for Slink, it is still an Omega applier.

Tip: If you’re only wearing the Slink hands/feet, the skin button will still apply to them – it isn’t just for the mesh bodies.

To remove an applier skin on Slink, replace it with another applier or a default swatch from the Slink Utility HUD.


Nail polish

Wear your Slink hands and/or feet, plus the Slink AvEnhance Hands and Feet Utility HUD. Add your Slink nail polish applier HUD. Open the Slink Utility to either Hands or Feet tab (depending on which nails you’d like to apply to). Turn on/off your desired nails. Now press the desired polish applier. You should see the polish apply to the nails you’ve selected. This allows you to mix and match. 🙂

Older applier HUDs may be labelled for manicure/pedicure. You can wear either HUD and use the utility to target nail polish.

You may choose to use the Omega nail polish applier instead, if you have installed Omega on your Slink feet/hands. It will function the same as the Slink HUD.

Having issues? Update your Slink AvEnhance hands/feet! There are redelivery terminals scattered around the Slink store in-world.


Applier clothing – using a Slink applier

Wear your Slink clothing applier and your Slink Physique Utilities HUD. Go to the Layers tab in the utility HUD, and ensure your target layer is enabled (shows as white). On the applier HUD, click the button for the layer you’d like to use. Note: only Tattoo and Underwear zones will work on AvEnhance hands and feet.

Reminder: unlike other bodies, Slink does not automatically turn on your applier layer. You must toggle it from the Slink Utilities HUD.

To remove applier clothing: Open the Layers tab of your Slink HUD and click the toggle button for the layer.

Other: In the Layers tab you can also toggle mask mode and tint your applier. There are tabs to target each layer for masking and tinting. Use the checkbox on Toggle Mask to enable mask mode if you’re having alpha issues when stacking appliers. You can fine tune the mask using the slider below the checkbox.


Applier clothing – using an Omega applier

The Slink mesh body/feet/hands are able to take Omega appliers after a separate activation kit is purchased and used.

Official instructions from Omega – click here

Wear your Slink body parts, and attach the Omega System Installer – Slink from the Omega store. Click the installer. It will thank you in local chat. Your Slink body parts will now respond to Omega appliers. You’ll need to run the installer once on all your Slink add-ons, including your separate hands/feet variations. You will no longer need the installer HUD once everything is enabled, but if you do find something stops responding in future, you can try the installer again.

The Omega applier will work the same as a Slink applier once the system is installed. Reminder: unlike other bodies, Slink does not automatically turn on your applier layer. You must toggle it from the Slink Utilities HUD.


Troubleshooting appliers

My Omega applier does nothing!
Are you sure your Slink body parts have had Omega installed on them? You’ll need to run the installer again after updating your body/hands/feet or unpacking a new copy. Are you on land with scripts disabled? Is there another HUD that’s transparent covering the buttons?

The applier clothing looks all blocky!
Disable the layer’s mask mode by unchecking the Toggle Mask button in the Layers tab of your Slink utility HUD.

I am wearing more than one layer and one of them disappeared!
You’re experiencing the alpha layer glitch, and it’s not the applier or your body but a limitation of video cards. Setting one layer to Mask mode, by checking the Toggle Mask button, can fix this.

There is clipping in the armpit or crotch area!
This can happen with some animations and poses that distort the legs and arms. If you can see your skin through the applier in these areas, you can hide them without affecting your appliers. Click the Alpha tab on the Slink utilities HUD and toggle the nipples/armpits/groin buttons as needed from the bottom right.


Fitmesh clothing

There is a Slink Physique version in all alaskametro<3 fitmesh clothing. Some clothing items also include Hourglass fit. Please try the demo and check the tag/description before buying.

For the best fit, I recommend using your body’s alpha cuts to “hide” any overlap or clipping. Click the Alpha tab on your Slink utilities HUD and then click the labelled BODY buttons to hide any area that clips through.