Celebrate Spring with slinky miniskirts (The Avenue recolour, Fashion Dazzle exclusive)

Spring 2017 skirts for The Avenue and Fashion Dazzle

Juana geometric pattern miniskirt for Fashion Dazzle

New for Fashion Dazzle (operated by Free Dove): “Juana” is a stretchy miniskirt with a pastel geometric/watercolor print. The back of the skirt is in a contrasting solid. “Juana” is perfect for layering with applier leggings – or wear on its own to show off your legs this Spring.

L$150 ea.  |  Try the demo!

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This round of Fashion Dazzle runs from April 1 – 26

Joan 2017 pencil skirt for Second Life

I’ve redone the “Joan” pencil skirt with more mesh body support and 5 new Spring-ready colors! You can purchase “Joan” at The Avenue in yellow, grey, turquoise, rose gold and powder blue.

*If you have purchased “Joan” in the past in midnight black, teal, orchid purple, vernal green or bronze, you can get a redelivery at the in-world store or any Caspervend terminal. If you purchased “Joan” at the Spoonful of Sugar festival, please contact me for the update.

L$150 ea.  |  Try the demo!

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This round of The Avenue runs April 1 – 20

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