Livestream Tutorial: Creating an Omega Applier for Second Life Mesh Bodies

Watch me create an Omega applier from scratch! The livestream (recorded February 12, 2017) shows my work in Photoshop, offers an overview of sourcing texture elements, and shows how to add your clothing texture to an Omega applier using their dev kit.


Assets download

Includes cleaned up .PSD file, original agenda PDF, and slides PDF



SLCP software

Robin Wood’s SL UV map

Starlight skins by Eloh Eliot

Wikimedia Commons

Omega dev kit on Marketplace

Omega dev kit instructions

List of Omega supported bodies
(and their instructions/kits information)

2 thoughts on “Livestream Tutorial: Creating an Omega Applier for Second Life Mesh Bodies

  1. I watched your video this evening. Not sure how long ago it was made, but thought I would pass on what someone passes on to me just a few years ago. I noticed that you sent your platform into the sky 600 m up, then you flew up to it. I did the very same thing for most of my years in SL until someone told the about “gth” without the quotes. For instance, to get to a platform 600 m in the sky, I would not type in public chat “gth 605” (depending on the thickness of the platform) without quotes, and I arrive there immediately. To get back down to floor level, I type “flr” in public chat and again arrive there immediately. No more wasted time flying and falling.

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