Announcing the winners of the 10 years of SL: Photo Contest

10 years of SL Photo Contest winners! Khitten Khurka, Freyja Nemeth, plus Mili Miklos & Wendz Tempest

I had lots of great entries to the 10 years of SL photo contest… it was a huge challenge to pick just two winners out of all the submissions. Congratulations to all the winners!

Prize One (for items 2005 – 2010): Khitten Khurka

Photo contest winner: "Splash!" by Khitten Khurka

Khitten’s not just wearing the old OPIUM Everyday “Marina” shell jewellery (circa 2008), she’s also wearing newer releases of mine, and I just love the way the waterfall’s colours echo the palm pattern on the “Aloha” bikini. I’m surprised at how well the Marina jewellery holds up, since it’s completely prim-based, but Khitten rocks it.

Khitten’s blog: {K}ISS {K}ISS

Prize Two (for items 2010 – 2015): Freyja Nemeth

10 Years of SL Photo Contest winner: Freyja Nemeth

Freyja’s photo captures the “Valena” bodysuit (and the “Carmen” stockings) with feminine allure. I didn’t realize this combination would work as an outfit until I saw it! I love the magic light in this photograph, and the sense of story… you get the sense that she’s waiting for something, but also completely in control of the situation.

Freyja’s blog: Otherworldly

Runners up: Mili Miklos & Wendz Tempest

10 years of SL Photo Contest Runner up: Mili Miklos "Second Day at Paradise" 10 Years of SL Photo Contest Runner Up: "Me Ke Aloha" by Wendz Tempest

I had such a hard time choosing winners, I ended up selected two runners up as well!

Mili Miklos (left) entered “Second Day at Paradise” featuring the “Aloha” bikini in waves pattern, “Tropika” eyeshadow, the tanlines applier and “Tropics/Gold” nail polish applier.

Wendz Tempest (right) entered “Me Ke Aloha” featuring “Aloha” in hibiscus pattern, “Topika” eyeshadow, and “Tropics/Gold” nail polish.

Both photos make me yearn for warm winds, the crash of the ocean on reef, and digging my toes into the sand.

Mili’s blog: Inventory Mess

Wendz’ blog: A Cozey SL

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