Ten years of SL: Photo Contest

June 5, 2015 will be my tenth rezday… which means I’ve been creating for Second Life for a decade now! I’m celebrating by holding a photo contest… I want to see your pics of alaskametro<3/OPIUM/OPIUM Everyday goodies, from the past and present. To enter the contest just post your photo in the Flickr group.

10 years of SL photo contest

I’m offering two separate cash L$ prizes: one for the oldbie items, and another for the new stuff. Photos will be judged based on how creative the styling is, composition, etc. I invite everyone to participate, even if you don’t consider yourself a photographer!

PRIZE ONE: For items made 2005 – 2009
OPIUM Addictive Fashion/OPIUM Everyday/SKIN2.0 brand
1. L$3000
2. Choose one favourite Alaska Metropolitan item from the past, and I’ll redevelop it as an applier or mesh (template) item. You’ll get a free copy of the new version.

PRIZE TWO: For items made 2010 – 2015
alaskametro<3 and beauty by alaskametro<3 brands
1. L$3000
2. I will name a future release after you, and you’ll get a free copy.

Your photo will have the best chance of winning if it clearly highlights/focuses on the fashion. So, while you can of course wear things by other creators, my product (check the creator name, it should be “Alaska Metropolitan”) should be clearly visible. (Want to do nails or makeup? Go for it – there are lots of wonderful poses out there to showcase hands and face!) I’m especially looking forward to seeing some of my older stuff… even if it looks a bit dated now. 😉

Deadline: June 31, 2015

Rules for submission: Add your photo to the Flickr group pool between May 31st and June 30, 2015. Once submitted, you agree that I may use your photo in the future for promotional purposes.

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