Tutorial: Slink hands/feet & nail polish appliers for Second Life


In this tutorial, I will provide an overview of mesh hands and feet by the Slink brand for Second Life. Slink Avatar Enhancement products are now on version 2, so your favourite nail polish appliers may now work differently.


First of all, if you don’t have the version 2 update, I highly recommend getting it. The new updates for Slink products improve the mesh and introduce new features. New appliers may not work on your older products. If you own a Slink applier that doesn’t seem to work, you may simply need a product update.

Visit the Slink store in-world, and touch a redelivery terminal. Your web browser will pop up on a website listing your Slink purchases. You can get an instant redelivery of your mesh hands, feet, Physique body, and more.


Your Slink Avatar Enhancement hands or feet come with a utility heads up display. This HUD controls how your nails display, along with other settings. The HUD works on both hands and feet, and can be minimized on your screen to save room.


To apply other nail polish to your Slink hands or feet, you must first select the nails via the utility HUD. Then, wear your nail polish applier from your favourite creator, and touch your preferred nail polish finish. The nail polish should apply to the nails you’ve selected. You can now detach the nail polish applier HUD. I like to leave the Slink utility HUD on, but minimized, in case I want to make changes.

You can now mix and match your nail polish and get creative with different looks!


The version 2 update introduces materials capability to your Slink mesh body parts. Materials refers to 3d settings for lighting and reflections. As you can imagine, this gives more depth and realism to nail polish!

To make sure you can see materials, open your Preferences (Ctrl + P or Command + P). Go to the Graphics tab. Make sure Advanced Lighting Model and Ambient Occlusion are checked. If your computer is a bit older, you may not be able to enable these options.

To turn the materials features off or on for your Slink hands or feet, use the utility HUD. Your favourite nail polish applier may not include materials settings, as this is a fairly new feature.

Materials can be subtle, and show up best under extreme lighting conditions.

I hope this tutorial helps you with your Slink hands and feet, and nail polish appliers. I create nail polish in a rainbow of colours and realistic finishes for Slink, The Omega System, Maitreya and Eve mesh bodies. You can check me out at alaskametro-sl.com . Thanks for watching, and stay fabulous!


music: Pipe Choir – Cavalcades (freemusicarchive.org)
body, hands, feet, face: Slink
skin, nail polish appliers: alaskametro<3
crochet dress: Barely Legal
hair: Little Bones
anklets: Promagic
poses: Ma Vie, Vista Animations (AO)

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