What colours are this dress? Answer: both! New gift from alaskametro<3

Facebook gift for March: Enigma dress

Is the dress white and gold? Or is it blue and back? Now you can be right, no matter what!

This month’s facebook gift is the “Enigma” dress in white/gold & blue/black. Enigma comes in 5 sizes of rigged mesh, includes an alpha, and has materials enabled for extra realism. These versions are yours free* – just visit the Special Promotions tab of the facebook page for your secret code & redemption instructions.

Don’t forget to like the facebook page while you’re there to learn about more goodies, new releases, previews of works in progress, etc.!

Visit alaskametro<3 on facebook

* “Enigma” will likely be put up for sale later this month. Don’t miss this chance to get the dress for free!

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