I heart my meshy bits.

I’ve been skeptical in the past of mesh bodies and mesh clothing in general (mostly due to the fitting issues in Second Life). Maybe it’s because I’m an uber-oldie (almost ten years!) and happy with my massive library of classic textured clothing & sculpt add-ons.

Now that people are adopting applier-based clothing for their mesh bodies, it’s breathed new life into creating avatar clothing for me. Things just look way better on a mesh body. As a designer, it’s nice to have my textures appear as I intended, without weird stretching around the boobs or stray polygons messing up the bum!

I own 4 mesh bodies now, and I love things about each of them. I don’t think any of them are “better” than the others; it really comes down to personal preference.

Mesh bodies: comparison

Above, I’ve worn my mesh bodies with the (December) facebook gift skin in Ivory/brunette, and the “Giselle” bikini in silver.


Get the facebook gift skin  (available for December 2014 only)

Get the bikini



This mesh body/head/hands/feet combo is a collaborative effort between several high quality designers. The system is different from the others in that it uses an add-on HUD to access all your options for skin, clothing, makeup, etc. The body itself is a little thicker through the lower body than others I’ve tried, so I’m sure it looks great on curvier shapes as well as slender. I’ve heard mixed things about wearing Slink hands/feet with the body – some people say they’ve got it working, some say there’s a gap. I haven’t tried it yet.

The mesh heads are beautiful and high quality. They’re fairly exotic looking.

Mesh bodies: themeshproject

#themeshproject is one of the more expensive mesh bodies I’ve tried. The body comes with a lot of skintones. Third-party appliers also exist now for skins and clothing – they’re usually referred to as “installers”. The head comes blank with no skin, which I wish I knew before purchasing. Technically it’s still in beta so I’m sure the minor issues I’ve noticed (no nail polishes, no socks layer, etc.) will be resolved before the full release.


Slink Physique is probably the closest to the default Second Life avatar in terms of proportions. I’ve had the most success wearing mesh clothing with this body. The head and body are seamless with the Slink hands and feet, which is great because of allll the shoes out there for Slink feet. 😉

I love my Slink Visage head. She looks like my avatar’s face, so I do wear it fairly often.

Mesh body: Slink Physique

Slink Physique does not have any alpha sorting issues, unlike other mesh bodies. Yay! But, this is due to there being no transparency on the clothing or makeup. 🙁 This means applier clothing and makeup has a hard edge to it that might not look as intended. (You win some, you lose some, I guess.)

Physique looks best on slender shapes. The Physique body and Visage heads both come with skins built in.

Belleza Venus

Venus had a recent update that improved the neck seam and Slink mesh hands/feet fitting. This body has a wonderful amount of detail and looks phenomenal naked.

Mesh body: Belleza Venus

Venus comes with a tonne of skins and a wide variety of hand shapes built in. The Slink feet fit pretty well for me, but I have issues making my Slink hands work. This is too bad, because the Belleza body’s hands and feet don’t use the default Second Life texture mapping. This makes it more work for skin designers to create skin appliers for Venus. (I’m still on the fence about doing it myself.)

Hopefully Belleza’s body will be back on the market soon!

Absolut Creations Eve

One of the newest mesh bodies on the market, Eve comes in “slim” and “pulpy” versions. (The “pulpy” is simply more curvy and looks good on plus size avatars.) I wear the slim version, and really like the narrow waistline and the level of detail. Eve can fit Slink mesh hands and feet.

Mesh body: Absolut Creations Eve

Eve comes with a skin (the different product names refer to the base skin that she starts off with.) I’m not a fan of the Eve head, but it’s currently a free add-on available in the store.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll try a mesh body and then be unable to deal with the usual SL avatar once you take it off!

No photos above were retouched, only cropped/resized. I am wearing the Slink mesh hands/feet with my Belleza Venus.

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