Tutorial: Belleza “Venus”, alaskametro, and Omega appliers

There’s a lot of reviews out there already for Belleza’s highly-detailed mesh body “Venus”. Many reviews point out the mesh body’s perks (so to speak 😉 ) and offer critique. In this tutorial, I just want to detail how to use Omega appliers on Venus. These appliers work with the mesh body by using a relay HUD, unlike other Omega kits.

alaskametro skins on belleza w/ "Giselle" swimwear
Belleza “Venus” mesh body with alaskametro<3 “Rose” skin and “Giselle II” swimwear applied

Collect the Belleza Venus kit from Omega in-world. It’s L$1 for group members. The kit contains a relay HUD to wear when using Omega appliers.

Screenshot showing the Omega relay HUD with the "Giselle II" Omega swimwear applier HUD.
Screenshot showing the Omega relay HUD with the “Giselle II” Omega swimwear applier HUD.

Make sure you’re wearing your Omega relay HUD (right click + “Wear”, it’ll attach to your screen.) Now, wear your Omega applier HUD for your favourite outfit. Clicking to apply a texture should work on your Belleza Venus body.

If you don’t see your clothing appear, wear the Belleza Venus HUD that came with the mesh body. On the first tab, there are buttons to hide and show your clothing layers. Make sure the layer is activated then try the applier again.

To remove your clothing, you can either replace it with another applier, or turn the layer off with the Belleza Venus HUD that came with the mesh body.

Omega applier outfit
Popstar Industries Plastic minidress on Belleza “Venus”

Above, I’ve donned the plastic minidress from Popstar Industries using their Omega applier. I’m also wearing the Cyber necklace in Smoke, “Veronica” hair by Wasabi Pills, Slink Visage “Emma” face, Slink hands and feet, and the upcoming “Rose” v2 skin w/ Slink/Omega appliers.


I have some updates about the upcoming v2 skins. At this time, I cannot support #themeshproject. (Sorry, I haven’t received a dev kit, so it’s not in the cards anytime soon.)  #themeshproject WILL be supported! Yay! Belleza has partial support: the body does (as mentioned above) work with Omega; unfortunately I can’t apply a skin to hands or feet due to the non-Omega-compliant UV map. That said, the body does support Slink hands and feet. Belleza Venus needs torso and leg muscle at appearance slider 50 to fit the Slink Avatar Enhancement add-ons. On my slender body, it looks a bit like a football player! I’m sure it looks fine on thicker body types.

But look at that bum. I said I wasn’t going to make this a review post, but Venus has an amazing backside.

Hem hem. I digress…

Belleza mesh body w/ alaskametro nails
Belleza “Venus” body with alaskametro

In the above photograph, I used one of the Belleza default skins on Venus that’s a great match for the “Rose” skintone (worn on the head). I’m also wearing my own manicure in gold chrome. All future alaskametro<3 nails will work with Belleza (and any other Omega-compliant mesh hand/foot!!) as well as Slink. I’m also wearing “Veronica” by Wasabi Pills again, Slink Visage Emma with “Rose” appliers, and not much else. Ooh la la!

10 thoughts on “Tutorial: Belleza “Venus”, alaskametro, and Omega appliers

  1. THANK YOU. I was beating my brains out trying to figure out why Omega wouldn’t work when Belleza’s site said it would. You have saved my sanity.

  2. I love my Belleza mesh body and I use the omega system with it. But the clothing and slink hands and feet are so complicated. I find myself only using it when naked. Is it ever going to be easier soon. I want to use it all the time. Long time SL resident and not leaving any time soon. Maybe an inworld set of workshops might be of help.
    Lana Simonden Eleonara

  3. I have never seen an explanation of how to remove clothing put on by an applier, or a tutorial on how to add more than one layer. Help?

  4. Hello, I am sooooooo thankful to you for this . I had so many issues getting my slink body to change clothes and heard the omega works for Belleza so i started buying some, but to my dismay none of them worked. and i was heartsick thinking another beautiful mesh body with no clothes to wear or me not knowing how. I googled it and yours was the first one that caught my eyes. I read it and followed exactly what you said and bingo it worked. yayy, does happy dance* lol thank you thank you so so very much again . 🙂

  5. Hi just a question on the pictures in this which lighting did you use? really highlights the skin wonderful

    thank you agai 🙂

  6. For the Belleza body, you’ll want to also use the utility HUD that comes with the body – the first tab has buttons to hide and show the clothing, tattoo and underwear/stocking layers. AFAIK that is the only way to remove applier clothing.

    The lighting is probably from JuicyBomb – link here: http://juicybomb.com/2012/07/16/juicybomb-com-studio-windlight-settings/

    I also like Strawberry Singh’s – link here: http://strawberrysingh.com/tutorials/windlight-settings/

  7. Hi there I have just purchased the Belleza Venus and I have figured out how to apply my clothes, however I noticed on one of my tops I see my skin sticking through and my avatar is already very thin. Any suggestions? Thanking you in advance

  8. Hey Gabby – if the clothes you’re having a problem with are applier clothes (i.e. you use a HUD and click to apply them) it sounds like you’re missing the alpha layer that comes with your mesh body. It’s a layer called “Alpha_FB” in the Belleza folder.

    If the clothes are mesh clothes that you’ve added to your outfit on top, you can hide parts of the Belleza body for better fitting! Just use the Venus HUD and pick the “Alpha” tab, that lets you show and hide bits of the body for better clothing fit.

    Hope that helps! Cheers!

  9. I just purchased several polishes to use with my Venus body. I have the Omega kit but..I’m not sure how to get them to work together..

  10. Hi Brownee,

    Make sure you have the latest version of Venus – it’s V3 now. The Belleza Omega kit includes an installer. Wear the Venus body and the Omega installer HUD, then touch the installer. It will tell you it installed Omega on the body in chat. Now you don’t have to do anything, all Omega appliers will work on your mesh body from now on.

    If you use the other two bodies (Isis & Freya) you’ll need to install once on them too.

    This tutorial’s out of date and I’ll be sure to make a new one soon.


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