Second Life video tutorial: How to enable the Omega Applier System for your mesh add-on

The alaskametro<3 v2 skins will be fully compatible with Slink. I will also include an Omega Applier Heads Up Display, which should help you apply the skin to many other popular mesh add-on brands. In this video tutorial, I will show you how to get the Omega add-ons kits for only L$1 each, and how to use them so you can enjoy the Omega applier system.


Video transcript:

In this tutorial, I will show you how to get the Omega add-ons kits for only L$1 each, and how to use them so you can enjoy the Omega applier system.

There are a wide variety of mesh add-ons out there in Second Life. For creators, supporting all the various products is time consuming and difficult. The Omega Applier System, from Love N Lust, offers creators a universal heads up display system for many popular brands.

Currently, Love N Lust has kits to help you enable Omega support for Wowmeh, Brazilia, [BANNED], Kitties Lair Lush, Luck Inc. Phat Azz/Cute Azz, Wide Load, and many other mesh add-ons. (Omega works on all Tango and G. Inc. products out of the box – no kit required.)

In this tutorial, I’m going to apply the Omega system to my [BANNED] booty.

First, visit Love N Lust in-world. Check the description for a link. You’ll see the Omega store.

Upstairs in the Omega store, there is a large wall of different kits, separated out by which type of mesh add-on they’re for.

So, what’s your mesh add-on? I’m going to get the kit to enable Omega for the [BANNED] booty. The [BANNED] booty is a curvy mesh lower body add-on.

You’ll see that the kits are for L$99 each. You can actually get these for only one dollar, but you have to be a group member.

Join the Omega group in world. Downstairs, there is a group joiner. Click to join the group (it’s free!) Then, make sure you’re wearing the group tag.

Now, you have the option to purchase the kit from the vendor with a 99% discount.

So, I’ve picked up my kit, now I just need somewhere to unpack and rez my booty. I’m going to head to my in-world office – anyone can rez objects there for up to 5 minutes, so you’re certainly welcome to go there to unpack!

The Omega kits come with instructions, but all you’re really after is the script inside the box. Drag your mesh body part onto the ground. Right click and “Edit” it. Drag the Omega script into the mesh item’s Contents tab. Then, pick up your body part add-on. It will now be no-modify no-transfer.

Wear your body part, then attach your Omega Applier HUD. I’ve already applied a pretty dress, using a normal [BANNED] applier. I’m going to use the alaskametro<3 Omega applier, so that I can apply my skin to my lower body.

Just right click the HUD in your inventory and choose “Wear”. Pick the button for the skin zone you’d like to apply. (In my case, I want a lower body texture for my booty.) You should see the texture change.

If your favourite clothing items and skins come with appliers, but no Omega, you can also purchase notecard conversion kits from Love N Lust.

I hope this tutorial helps you set up Omega for your favourite add-ons. All future alaskametro<3 products will have Omega appliers so you can enjoy them with your favourite brands. Thanks for watching, and stay fabulous!


Useful links:

Love N Lust in-world
Love N Lust – Omega Applier System website & instructions
alaskametro<3 in-world gallery/office
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Why Omega?

Yes, it’s a bit more work for the customer to get it working… though I hope my tutorial will help people figure it out! The new alaskametro<3 skins will come in a possible 12 combinations per hair colour per skintone. I’d need to create HUNDREDS of different appliers to support everything, and I can’t support Wowmeh or Phat Azz/Cute Azz now that they’re off the market. Omega makes my life easier and I imagine a lot more creators will be using the system in the future.


The v2 skin line

The alaskametro<3 skins will have a limited release (3 initial skintones) in the next few weeks. If you’re a blogger and would like review copies, and to try the Omega applier out for yourself, please join the mailing list as a blogger.

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  1. Hi Kode! You need an applier for your tattoo: either specific to your mesh body, or using Omega (if your body supports Omega.) If your tattoo was purchased and is only for Classic avatars, you’ll need to be in touch with the creator to make you an applier.

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