In-world Store Closed; New Prices on all Items

This news is out of date. Please click here for an update in November, 2015.


I feel an important aspect of life is learning when to let go and move on. Even if it’s painful to accept change, and face the fact that something you love isn’t part of your life anymore, you have to make that realization. I hadn’t logged into Second Life in months (except to pay store rent,) or made new fashion items in a very long time.

It it time for me to accept that, as much as I love Second Life and the friendships I’ve made here, I’m not an active user anymore and it’s silly for me to pretend otherwise and disappoint people who count on me.


The sad news: my in-world flagship store, at Lionheart, has closed.

While I had grand plans to fully decorate and put all my product lines up for sale, I just never got around to it. My store’s been sitting with half-empty shelves for ages and the traffic is mostly on the Marketplace anyway. It was time to accept that I wasn’t going to invest the time to make the store worthwhile.

If you ever rent in Second Life, you should seriously consider Lionheart Virtual Real Estate. They have excellent customer service and real avatars will respond to any inquiries within minutes. Their rates are some of the best I’ve seen – they even offer a rate discount based on how long you’ve been a tenant. And their islands are zoned with infrastructure, making your neighbourhood a far prettier one than you’d find on the Mainland.


The good news: I’ve permanently dropped prices on all Marketplace stuff.

I’m not going to be an active content creator, but didn’t want to remove my products completely. I’m offering everything at a significant price drop:

  • Skins are now L$50.
  • Eyebrows, eyelashes, and makeup (lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc.) are now L$5.
  • Makeup (full face from pre-2010) are now free.
  • Nail polish is now L$1.
  • Jewellery, shoes and clothes are now L$10.


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