Now open: my NEW in-world store!

alaskametro<3 main store, Lionheart Kiara, Second Life
Visit the alaskametro<3 main store, Lionheart Kiara, Second Life

I might’ve been quiet lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! I’ve been building an in-world store, after years of only selling on the Marketplace. While I’m not fully set up, you can visit the main store (now open!) at Lionheart Kiara (18,200,28).

Second Life’s changing economy means land is available to rent at a lot less than a few years ago. That’s the primary reason I’ve decided to build an in-world store.  I also really like setting up store/vendor areas and seeing all my stuff in a space I designed. Lastly, I figured some people simply dislike shopping on the Marketplace, so it’s good to give them another option to buy alaskametro<3 stuff.

Play the vending machine gatcha (now L$10) for a randomly-generated earring or bracelet set

I still haven’t finished the accessories wall, but you can get your jewelry fix by playing the L$10 gatcha for “Rhayne” earrings and bracelets.


beauty by alaskametro
Lots of nail polish colours available!

The back section of the store includes all beauty by alaskametro<3 skins, eyebrows, and makeups. Demos are available for the skins & eyebrows; for testing the makeup, there’s a free colour tester for most makeups!

beauty by alaskametro
All lipsticks can be purchased individually… and include a copy of the lipstick tube object. There’s a lot of testers available, make sure to try one for other creators’ skins!
Holiday 2012 gifts from alaskametro<3
Make sure to pick up your holiday gifts on the table!

For now until January 1, 2013, there are 6 gifts for you waiting at the in-world store. I’ve got the “Laara” sequin dress in both “Poinsettia” (red) and “Evergreen” (green), shimmer nail polish in Ruby and Emerald, and “Alexa” metallic ballet flats in Ruby and Emerald. If you haven’t yet, sign up for the mailing list because I’ll be sending a special gift to my mailing list members too!


A holiday gift from alaskametro
Holiday gifts! Visit the store before January 1 for your free copies of Alexa ballet flats, nailpolish, and Laara sequin minidress.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the new in-world store now!

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