alaskametro<3 2011 Model Call results

It was hard to choose (you all have such pretty avatars!) but the results are in… the ten models I’ll be using for upcoming print work are:

Khitten Kurka
Harlee Guardian
Helen Zhora
Joycey Crescendo
Madison Sullivan
Nessa Rhosar
Dar Moleno
Tabitha Somersley
Caludra Carlberg
Dearra Silbersztein

What did I base my selection on? Primarily, I wanted a range of looks… I don’t think the only avatars who enjoy my fashions have skinny model-esque avatars, so I’ve also chosen some curvier ladies. (And yes, I realize my own avatar could use a sandwich!) I looked for avatars whose face shape already complimented my skins. I also looked for body proportion… there’s nothing worse than showing clothes on a body shape that just doesn’t look right!

There’s some very experienced models in this list, and some newcomers… welcome, ladies, and I look forward to working with you!