Hopeless skin perfectionist.

I find that creating skins never ends. I always find things to tweak and play with; I suppose since my skins are handdrawn I always look at things and want to draw them better. (With photosource, you’re pretty much stuck with the way the source photo looks!)

Lately I’ve been re-doing the face on the alaskametro<3 skins. I’ve been editing it to look softer through the nose/mouth, the lips definitely needed to be redone. A quirk in the darker tones: the lips are actually bigger on the Ebony and Spice tones. I needed to fix this so that producing makeup layers wasn’t twice the work!

Second Life’s new viewers allow you to stack on the tattoo layers. I’m planning to re-release the alaskametro<3 skins in the most customizable way possible. The base skins will be completely nude. From there, you can layer on eyebrows/hair bases (yay!)/pubic hair. And then makeups, etc. So I’ll soon have a few more hair colours than the existant 4, and there’ll be some new eyebrows to choose from too!

Preview photo (makeupless):

alaskametro<3 skin
Unretouched photograph showing work-in-progress updated skin

Okay, don’t mind the rabbit teeth. I wanted to see if I could create them. If I ever do release such things they’ll certainly be another layer as an add-on. The jury’s still out on the mouth-breathing look. It’s used in fashion photography inRL to drop the lower lip and make them appear fuller (or add sensuality.) However, a photographer friend of mine in L.A. once referred to it as “the credit card slot” and that’s what it is, in my head, for all eternity. Maybe it’s useful inSL for photos.

PS – Today’s the last day to sign up for the mailing list to receive January’s gift; I’ll be sending the gift out at midnight!