alaskametro<3 2011 Model Call

alaskametro<3 Model Call 2011

Ever wanted to be a fashion model in Second Life? Already have a modelling career, and want more print work? The alaskametro<3 brand is holding an open model call to any and all female avatars, regardless of experience.

Follow the application process below, and send your application by February 17, 2011, for a chance to join an exclusive alaskametro<3 fashion models group.

Selected models will receive ongoing print work for both catalogue and advertising, profiles on, L$300 per photoshoot, and will keep all beauty and fashion products. alaskametro<3 models will also have first choice for in-world live events and fashion shows.

My easy application process:

1) Visit the Marketplace (direct product link) or visit my in-world office to purchase the 2011 Model Call kit for L$0. This kit contains a bikini and skin for you to wear for photos, as well as official rules.

2) Take two photos, one portrait (headshot) and one full length body. See examples; photos should feature clear, even lighting, hair pulled back from the face, and a plain background. Please refrain from heavy post-processing/photo editing.

3) Attach both photos to a notecard titled “alaskametro<3 2011 Model Call – <YOUR NAME>“. Failure to title your notecard correctly means I’ll miss it in my inventory and you won’t be entered! You’re invited to also include a brief resume of any modelling experience you may have, but inexperienced models are welcome to apply.

4) Drop the notecard on ALASKA METROPOLITAN before MIDNIGHT SLT, FEBRUARY 17, 2011.

    (official rules and photo examples after the cut)

    Official Rules:

    1) To be considered for this model call, applicants must have followed the application process correctly. Photos must include a headshot and body shot, and the prospective model must be wearing the bikini and skin from the Model Call Kit available on the Marketplace. No L$ necessary*… the kit is available for free. Applications must be received by Midnight (12:00 AM) SLT/PST February 17, 2011. *Upload fees notwithstanding.

    2) Submissions will be judged based on overall body proportion, face structure, and how appealing the applicant looks wearing alaskametro<3 products. Not all skins are made for everyone and the purpose of this photo application is to find models who look good in our skins. Alaska Metropolitan and the alaskametro<3 brand do not endorse one body type over another and female avatars of any size or shape are welcome to apply.

    3) No guarantee is made of ongoing paid work. Accepted models will be joining an in-world group to receive photoshoot and fashion show casting notices. It is up to accepted models to make time to attend photoshoots and fashion shows. Payment is made upon completion of photo shoots or fashion shows and no payment is made for no-show models.

    4) Accepted models will undergo a small makeover to establish a “look” based on beauty by alaskametro<3 products. Some items, such as hair, may need to be supplied by the model and it is agreed that the model will be responsible for these costs.

      Accepted models receive:

      1) Invitation to join an in-world alaskametro<3 model pool group. Through this group, castings for photoshoots and fashion shows will be made via group notice.

      2) A small makeover to establish a “look” based on alaskametro<3 products. You will keep the skin, eyes, and other beauty accessories (L$1200+ value).

      3) A small model profile at including your name and photographs.

      4) Paid print work at a rate of L$300 per photoshoot. Models will keep all supplied products worn for the shoot unless the product is a one-of-a-kind item for charity fundraising.

        Example photos:

        Model Call 2011 example photos: bad examplesModel Call 2011 example photos: good examples