A nice extra: packaging

In my first life, I really enjoy packaging design. As partner at a design firm, I’m sometimes lucky enough to get to work on packaging projects; it’s one of my favourite types of projects. As I’ve been preparing all my items for the move to the SL Marketplace, I’ve been thinking more and more about how they are packaged.

Packaging provides a fun experience for the customer; it’s much more interesting to receive an attractive box from your purchase than a plywood cube. Years ago, OPIUM products came in a prim bag that attached to the hand (instead of the default head.) Now the bag looks better (thanks to Spyker’s free sculpt at Butterfly Effect!) But it’s the beauty by alaskametro<3 series where I’ve spent the most time making the packaging unique.

alaskametro<3 packaging for Second Life

All the nail polishes come in a bottle labelled with the colour… if one is so inclined, they could line them up on a dressing table in their virtual bedroom. The makeup comes in compacts or palettes. The lashes come in a box. Etc.

alaskametro<3 packaging for Second Life

For January’s group gift, I’ve put the makeup in a customized palette showing the makeup tones, with a unique box graphic.

Next, I’m going to make a shoebox for the shoes. 🙂

What are some of your favourite stores for fun or innovative packaging?

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