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Just two days left before the Long Hot Summer Sale is over, and that means only two days left to get 50% OFF all alaskametro<3 skin bases.

Base skintones - beauty by alaskametro<3 skins

Shown above: Bronze, Ebony, Rose and Spice skintones

beauty by alaskametro<3 skins are a unique system offering greater flexibility with your skin purchases. Select your initial base skintone, hair colour and eyebrow shape, and layer makeup and nail polishes (SL 2.0+) over top for a more affordable, customizable you.

Each base skin set (L$450, but only during the 50% OFF sale!!) includes 4 skins total: freckled version, natural, Brazilian waxed, and freckled/Brazilian waxed.

→ Lots more info on the skins here

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