A Night at the Carnival

The “absinthe” makeup look (available limited time only, info here) spoke to me of carnivals, festivals, the bright garish fun of summer. I’ve put together a look for a hot summer night at the Fair.

Kitty @ the Carnival (1)Kitty @ the Carnival (2)Kitty @ the Carnival (3)

I’m wearing:
Ebony skin base (Raven, brow 01)
Absinthe makeup layer (limited edition L$10 hunt item)
“Giselle” bathing suit top in gold
“Bromwyn” glass/copper bangles in green
“Diva” eyelashes

Other items:
WRONG fishnet stockings
Bolero “Denim mini” pants (worn as shorts)
Frangipani “Rachel” hair in Licorice
Bootgasm snake cowboy boots
Hybrid Elite ears + tail

Photo backgrounds from the Wikipedia commons

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