The alaskametro<3 skin launch: how it all came together.

On Saturday, June 5th, I held a fashion event in-world on the Second Style Island sim to celebrate my skin launch. It was well attended, despite my minimal promotion and the last-minute-ness of the event. Thanks so much to everyone who came out!

Producing a small scale event is a great way to get attention in Second Life for your brand. I had hardly any budget, next to no time, and a real-life crisis the day before. It’s still possible with these constraints to produce something that works, and I was really happy with how the event turned out!

I worked with Modavia and Avenue agencies to scout and find models who already looked good in the skins (this was important, because we had simply no time to tweak shapes or anything… I was literally casting the day before the event.) I lucked out: I found 4 models whose professionalism as well as their attractive avatars made my event happen. Thank you BlackLiquid, Kryptonia, Tatiana, and Liane!

alaskametro<3 skin launch: stage build
The stage build for the event, created to mimic alaskametro<3 branding, and built less than 12 hours before the show.

I used voice to announce everything in Second Life. I really wanted to give a personal touch to the event, and this was much more cost-effective than hiring a DJ/MC on stream. I worked from a very minimalist script and rambled a bit off topic, but I hope my tangents gave at least some insight into my creative process and the love that went into these skins.

alaskametro<3 skin launch: my outfit
My outfit for the event: I'm in the Rose alaskametro<3 base skin, special limited edition launch makeup, Lelutka "Tilda" hair, alaskametro<3 limited editon pink V-Day bra, Last Call "Pristine" suit jacket, alaskametro<3 "Basix" dress pants, Maitreya "Virtue" heels, and alaskametro<3 "Lynda" earrings.

I built the stage at 3 am the night before, in a public sandbox… and discovered my SALT HUD stopped working (this is a HUD for mega prims, which I now cannot build without!) By building small and using the simplest choreography possible, I managed to keep the event personal and focused rather than a pretentious, large-scale fashion show. The event idea was to demo the skins live, talk about them for a bit, and give out some nice prizes to the people who attended.

alaskametro<3 skin launch: limited edition makeup
I'm wearing a limited edition makeup for alaskametro<3 skins, created specially for the launch event. It's still free in-store for a limited time. The eyelashes and eyes were also a gift at the event, and will be released in-world shortly.

I hope everyone who came out had a good time! I’m sending the eyes and eyelashes event gift through my Subscribe-o-matic as well, so be sure to get on that list for some free goodies!