“May Flowers” hunt – now on!

Phew… it’s been a lot of running around between Arkaine and I, but we’ve got a fun and hopefully challenging hunt for you! Find all ten red flowers to put together a complete avatar look.

Start here: alaskametro <3 main store @ Second Style Island

The hunt runs from May 15th to 20th… on the 20th at midnight I’ll take away the flowers.

I have some tips:

1) The flowers yield to gravity. That means, though they may be growing in odd spots, they won’t be floating in mid-air or other silly places.

2) When in doubt, look closer to the store. All the flowers are either in, on or around the main store, or in the park nearby… or other public areas…

3) The flowers can sometimes be behind things. They’ll never be contained inside another object, unlike the devilish but oh-so-worth it Mata Hari ballroom hunt by Random Calliope (a wonderful puzzle, though I’m not sure if it’s still around.) They’re all visible but sometimes you need to walk around… get a different angle…

4) The flowers are sculpted and small. You can easily miss them. Especially if you’re running Second Life on bare minimum graphics. Take your time when hunting and allow the area to fully load, so the flowers aren’t mere blobs.

5) While you’re around, window shop… Second Style Island has some great things to offer by Second Life’s top fashion designers!

Have fun!