Preview: “Persephone” shoes from hunt

About a week from now, I’ll be holding a fun Spring-themed hunt (flowers will be hidden around the Second Style Island park and my store, with clues to find them all and complete an avatar look!)

Coming up with every part for a complete avatar has been challenging! So far, I’m most pleased with how the shoes have turned out. The “Persephone” shoe will be part of the regular Spring 2010 line once I release it, but this fiery orange/red look will only be around for the hunt!

The “Persephone” shoe has a leather upper, black patent leather sole, mirror silver inner sole and signature silver heart. If I owned these in First Life, I doubt they’d ever leave my feet. Except maybe to shower.

Once I put the finishing touches on the hunt avatar, I’ll be sure to post a preview and more details here!